Submissions are closed till our next call.

Send one to three previously unpublished pieces: short form, hybrid prose, flash, micro prose, or prose poems. Under 1,000 words. Traditional lined poetry will not be accepted. Cover letters are appreciated. Simultaneous submissions are welcome. We will try to respond quickly. Please be patient as we begin here and get a sense of the reading load.

Work should arrive in the same Word document when possible. Save the document with your name and the title of the first piece. Example: “Caboter Off Barnegat Light, Rogan Kelly.” In your email, type ‘submission’ in the subject line and your name.

We believe in the hard to figure and labels be damned. Flash, micro prose, short-shorts, prose poems; hybrid writing, 1,000 words or less. Boxed art, not easily boxed. Let others call it names; we publish the best short-form written-word.

Ran Off With the Star Bassoon holds first serial rights for work we publish, the right to reprint in other formats with your permission. Upon publication, all rights revert to the author. Please cite Ran Off With the Star Bassoon if your work is published elsewhere in the future.