This work had a major impact on our editors and we’re proud to share it here.

‘Best New Poets’ Nominees, 2022

Aaron Caycedo-Kimura
“Tokyo Army Hospital, 1957”

Elizabeth Catanese
“Salvation Army”

‘Best Microfiction’ Nominees, 2022

Michelle Reale
“Flare, 1972”

Justin Wymer
“The Mystic in the Shed”

Pushcart Prize Nominations, 2021

Lisa del Rosso
“By Choice”

Audrey Gidman
“Old News”

Connie Millard
“Pipe Dreams”

Kenneth Pobo
“Dulcet Tones in a Diner Three Days Before
It Burns Down Under Suspicious Circumstances”

Kate Sanchez
“Sunday Morning: Lloren Torres”

Makshya Tolbert
“We Walk Toward Day Nine or Not”